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Industrial_ci: Migration needed for recent and future changes

We have just patched industrial_ci to deal with the recent ROS security updates.

While most test jobs should work as-is, some actions need to be taken to fix broken builds and/or make your configuration future-proof (indigo and lunar EOL, colcon/ROS2 support):

Repository keys

The GPG keys have been rotated.
If your config overwrites APTKEY_STORE_HTTPS or HASHKEY_SKS, you might have to update these settings (or remove them).

Branch management

In preparation of the upcoming colcon/ROS2 support, the current master branch was renamed to legacy. If your CI config clones the master branch explicitly, you should clone legacy instead or go with the default branch.

Eventually, the latter will point to the new version, which drops support for ROS hydro and might need additional migration (preview).

Snapshot/shadow repository

EOL distros have been moved to the snapshot repository and the shadow repository got renamed.

If your config specifies ROS_PACKAGE_PATH and points to one of the official repositories, better use ROS_REPO instead:

This will switch your test jobs to the final snapshot once a distro reaches end-of-life.
To enforce this explicitly, you can set ROS_REPO=final (only if distro is EOL) or ROS_REPO=YYYY-MM-DD (snapshot timestamp).

If you face any problem that is not (yet) covered here, please don’t hesitate to open a new issue!


Thanks so much for the development and update!

I thought a minor clarification helps here. For the Shadow repo URL, still seems to valid (and it’s depended by one of usecases of industrial_ci but not the other way round). I think the change mentioned here is on industrial_ci, to recommend ROS_REPO variable over a deprecated variable.

UPDATE: Shadow repo’s URL is in migration as in @miguelprada’s follow-up post.

For the Shadow repo URL, still seems to valid

Even if valid, packages in that URL are likely stale. Users should be migrating to


Looks like it. I also updated my post to avoid confusion. Thanks!