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Integrating ROS Nav2 stack with AWS DeepRacer


Figure 1. AWS DeepRacer rolling around using a map build with SLAM Toolbox

Hello ROS Community,

We are excited to announce that we have added the supporting software and simulation artifacts to integrate the AWS DeepRacer Evo device software with ROS Nav2 stack, and made it available to the open source community via the AWS DeepRacer GitHub.

AWS DeepRacer offers an integrated hardware and software kit to develop and contribute to the ROS 2 ecosystem. Our developer community is showcasing the possibilities with innovative projects and in the process, making AWS DeepRacer extensible for prototyping and development.

Our AWS DeepRacer repository demonstrates ROS2 Navigation integration with the DeepRacer Evo device software. Run the ROS Nav2 stack with a map in both a simulation environment and the DeepRacer device with the following components:

  1. deepracer_bringup : The deepracer_bringup package hosts the launch and configuration parameter files to launch navigation packages and nodes.
  2. deepracer_description : The deepracer_description package hosts the URDF files for the DeepRacer device in Gazebo simulation. This provides the arguments to configure the sensors.
  3. deepracer_gazebo : The deepracer_gazebo package hosts the deepracer_drive plug-in to move the car in simulation.
  4. deepracer_nodes : The deepracer_nodes packages hosts the nodes to launch the AWS DeepRacer robot packages for ROS2 Nav stack compatibility.

To get started, please visit the AWS DeepRacer Open Source repository and learn more about the integration and setup instructions. Developers can purchase the AWS DeepRacer Evo, download and build the GitHub repositories to their vehicle, and run the installation script. To celebrate this release, we will be offering 25% off on the AWS DeepRacer Evo till Dec 31st 2021. We welcome feedback, issues, comments, and pull requests in our GitHub repositories.

On behalf of the entire AWS DeepRacer team, I would like to thank you all for the continued support and enthusiastic response to the open sourcing of DeepRacer earlier this year.