Nav2 example with (Ignition) Gazebo Fortress

Hello everyone,

We wanted to share a ROS 2 project that we recently created because we had trouble finding an example where Nav2 works with the latest LTS (Ignition) Gazebo. You can find the source here: GitHub - art-e-fact/navigation2_ignition_gazebo_example: Minimal example for using Navigation 2 with (Ignition) Gazebo.

The project contains the sam-bot model (migrated from the official Nav2 tutorials), launch files to bring up the navigation stack, some nodes for demoing simple navigation tasks, and tests for these nodes.

We hope this project will be helpful to anyone who is trying to use Navigation2 with (Ignition) Gazebo. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to open an issue on the GitHub repository.


Looks great! I’ll definitely take a look at this as later this year we’re looking to migrate from Gazebo Classic (pending some issues that need resolution to have things work well in binary format for release)