Interest for a ROS2 Study and Robotics Concepts group (free)

Hi, I’m very interested in making group happen.
I’ve just completed my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering in India and Ive worked on ROS1, but I don’t have much knowledge in robotics field like control theory, algorithms, kinematics. I’m already trying on my own to learn these concepts and ROS2, and this group will accelerate the learning and amount of pure knowledge exponentially.
I have used both, Slack and Discord, and I think Discord is a better option as it has better features in the free version.


I hope I am not to late to the party.

I very much would be interested too, but as I am in the middle of finishing my bachelor’s degree it is hard to say how much time I will be able to spare.

I hope I fit what you had in mind for the group @robo_mike, because I don’t have that much experience using ROS in particular, but I assisted building a robot for our university using bespoke systems. In particular a friend and I implemented the (low level) motor control system for the bot, meaning motor controllers, brushless DC motors, signal processing from higher layers and so on.

But as the main focus of my two papers needed to get the degree is robotics and developing an architecture using ROS2, maybe I fit. Until the end of this year at least the high to middle level architecture using ROS2 packages and paradigms needs to be finished, so I have to learn ROS2 one way or the other :wink:

Anyway, cool Idea! :smiley:


Hi @Atharva_Bhorpe Sounds good that you are now an academic person like us. This is not mandatory to participate to the group, but to bring passion and interest advancing your ROS and robotic skills. Nevertheless, having some academic background i.e. advanced mathematics, algorithms etc. is a plus but you can learn them on you own as well. The target of this group should be (like you already have pointed out) to advance your skills in robotics by working on theoretical concepts and projects. Related to the communication platform I totally agree with Discord also.

Hi @DanielK, it is definitely not too late to participate and it never will be :slight_smile:

As I mentioned before, don’t worry having an academic degree is not necessary for the group. You can learn the concepts in advance. Nevertheless, if someone has now programming background and zero knowledge of robotics concepts e.g. what manipulation and navigation means, then I’m not sure if this group is for him. This will be an advanced group for people who have passion to go deeper in robotics. So some basic skills as mentioned above should be there. Based on this what you have posted I conclude that you have this knowledge :slight_smile:

Guys, soon we will start creating this group. Any suggestions of names? I’m suggesting to name it ROS2 & Advanced Robotics Developers.

I would also suggest to create a live-stream room which will be used for live sessions and live project discussions. What do you think about it?

Much Interested, i think that name is okay


Hi @Marlvern_Chimbwanda If you have additional ideas feel free to post them :slight_smile:

Add me to your list please

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Very nice idea. Please also add me to the list.

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When I open the channel I will post the link here, but we are still waiting for more people. Soon we will proceed. So stay tuned :slight_smile:

This is great! I find the ROS documentation shows how to do certain things without explaining the reasons behind it. You have to dig into the source code yourself to understand them, which can be intimidating for new people. A group like this can greatly lower the barrier for new comers, as well as address questions that are not covered in the documentation.

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Hi @dashpod You’re absolutely right. Working together will improve everyone’s skills in robotics and ROS2. The ROS2 doc is better then the first one, but it still needs improvements.

Hi everyone! I’d like to join the group as well. I’m relatively new to robotics and I’ve never used ROS1, but I’ve been using ROS2 at work so might be a good time for me to start learning/sharing in a more organized manner!

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Hi @jihyunl2 we will soon start the group (hope there will be more people interested in). It’s very helpful that you are working with ROS2 on your work (I am also working with ROS2, but at present for my own). ROS1 is not mandatory for the group if you know ROS2, but it is helpful to understand all the ROS concepts from scratch. Stay tuned!

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Hi people, I decided not to wait anymore for other people (they can still participate) and have started to create the group. So you can start to send me your email as pm to invite you in the group. But please be patient I will add rules, channels etc. step-by-step.

Hi guys, I have received some emails from you. Don’t worry I will add you all. Nevertheless, please be patient with me, because I am about to add some rules, welcome channels etc. This takes some time.

EDIT 25.10.22
As you know I have started to create the learning group. I have added a verfication label for everyone who gets verified to participate. The process is the following:

  1. You receive an invitation email from discord
  2. You have to wait to get verified from me. Until then you cannot see any channels
  3. When you get verified you get access to all rooms.
    This process ensures that not everyone from outside can access our group and mess it up with wired posts.
  4. At first you see the welcome screen, the rules and the introduction section. Here you should read the rules and introduce yourself (i.e. where you live, education, work, interests etc.).
    I have also included the ME66 bot.

At present I am testing everything with a test_user account. Stay tuned soon I will send you all the invitation.

If you encounter any problems please send me ONLY a pm here, to not over-comment these section here. For those who have no experience with the platform discord, you can take a look here to get an overview.

I also, would like to thank Open Robotics for this amazing framework and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who are passioned in ROS and robotics.

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Hello Mike, This is a great idea! Thank you for this initiative. I would like to join this group as well.

Hi @remi You’re welcome :slight_smile: No problem send me your email by pm and I will add you as soon as I have setup the group.

Guys, I have encountered that I can invite you only by your discord nick. If someone knows how I can invite you by email please send me a pm. If this is not possible, please send me by pm you discord nick name.

I’m waiting for your discord nick to add you to the community. I’m looking forward to work together with you guys.

EDIT 26.10.22
Guys I am not able to find some of you on discord by the data you provide me. The username should be something like this [name]#[number] e.g. mike#1394. Please, check this and send me the pm again. THX!

This is a nice Idea, I’ve been on exploring ROS2 for some months now, I am interested. Hope I’m not too late.

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Hi @sAmUko you are not late and there is no late at all :slight_smile: Please send me by pm your discord nick so I can add you.