Interoperability & Open-RMF ROSCon 2022 BoF Session

Hi all! For those interested in general interoperability or specifically in Open-RMF we’ve booked a Birds of a Feather session at ROSCon 2022 happening on Day 2 during Break 1 (1030-1100 JST) and we’ll be meeting at “Rolling” which is 2F The Cafe Terrace.

See you at ROSCon 2022!


Thank you @Matthew_Festo. I am looking forward to getting hands-on with Open-RMF.

I have questions regarding this, Is there any minimum system requirements on the laptop we bring to the workshop?. For instance, at least 16GB RAM, a minimal graphic card configuration, etc.

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Hi @saikishor, we’re really looking forward to the event too!

I think you’re asking about the workshop to be held on 19 Oct. We’ll be sending out some formal instructions and requirements on that soon (through the ROSCon organizers I think) but in the meantime we’re planning to make the requirement as lightweight as possible so minimal graphic card and 16Gb RAM (maybe less) will be sufficient for sure. More info soon!

Also, hope to see you at the Birds of a Feather event on 21 Oct During the 10:30-11:00 AM break. Sign up via the Whova app if you haven’t already! See you soon

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