ROS News for the Week of October 10th, 2022

ROS News for the Week of October 10th, 2022

ROSCon 2022 is in Kyoto next week and we’re officially sold out! You can watch the livestream next week if you are unable to attend. If you are attending start planning your lightning talks and birds of a feather sessions.

Foxglove had quite a week! They raised $15M! (official announcement), released the MCAP Storage Plugin for ROS 2, launched a new Foxglove podcast, and released a sleek new 3D panel for studio! Congratulations @amacneil and team!

Open-RMF had quite the week too! We announced Open Robotics collaboration with NCS to bring security robots and a whole lot of features to Open-RMF. More coverage in The Robot Report and on NCS’s Medium Blog. Formant has also been keen to demonstrate Open-RMF’s capabilities. If you want to get started with Open-RMF check out this collection of awesome Open-RMF adapters.

Editor’s Note

I’ll be helping to run ROSCon next week and then attending IROS the following week (find me at the Clearpath Robotics booth, we’ll have TurtleBot4s and stickers!). If you would like to meetup at ROSCon or IROS please send me a message. I’ll be trying to cover the events as best as I can while I am away. After IROS and ROSCon I am taking a much needed week of vacation. There may or may not be weekly updates these weeks, and response times may be a bit slower than usual.




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