Introducing psdk_ros2: Bridging DJI's PSDK libraries with ROS 2

Hello everyone,

My colleagues from Unmanned Life and I are thrilled to announce the release of psdk_ros2, an open-source ROS 2 wrapper that integrates the capabilities of DJI’s PSDK libraries with the ROS 2 ecosystem. This wrapper allows you to control most DJI copters directly from ROS 2 removing the need for any bridging software.

Main Features:

  • Essential data and information exposed by the PSDK libraries is now available in ROS 2
  • Control DJI copters using position, velocity, and angle commands from ROS 2
  • Standardized inputs and outputs following ROS standards (REP 105 and REP 103)
  • Payload and gimbal management via ROS 2 services
  • Camera streaming available

psdk_ros2 useful links:

Contributions welcome:

If you encounter any issues with psdk_ros2 don’t hesitate to open a new issue on GitHub. We encourage you to add feature requests and submit pull requests to help improve this wrapper for the entire ROS community.

For questions or assistance, please reach out on this thread or on our GitHub repository.

Thank you!


Can we operate/test the drone in simulator using this wrapper in DJI assistance 2?

Yes, you can use the wrapper with HITL using the DJI Assistant 2 simulator.