ROS News for the Week of September 11th, 2023

ROS News for the Week of September 11th, 2023

:tada: Some very big new broke while I was on vacation. Our very, very, good friends at Clearpath Robotics (along with their sibling organization Otto Motors) have been acquired by Rockwell Automation! Congratulation to everyone involved. We wish you luck on the next phase of your journey

Press Release – IEEE Spectrum – Robot Report – Globe & Mail

Jim Ostrowski from Blue River / John Deere was on Sense, Think, Act discussing agricultural robotics. If you are interested in agricultural robotics FIRA 2023 is happening next week. I’ll be there on Tuesday meeting all of the new agricultural robotics companies and publishing them on social media. If you are interested in meeting up drop me a line!

The ROS 2 TSC Community Representative Election kicked off this week. If you would like to be the voice of the ROS community on the TSC consider applying!

We’re wrapping up the Gazebo Harmonic tutorial party today. The team is hard at work preparing the next Gazebo release. If you would like to see the latest version of Gazebo, and support the team, drop by our next Gazebo Community Meeting

Hot off the heels of a great ROS By-The-Bay last night, our colleagues in Singapore have planned an amazing ROS Meetup for the last week in September. We’ve also got our first Netherlands ROS meetup scheduled for November 2nd.




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