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Introducing Reachy, an open-source humanoid robot which runs ROS

Hello ROS Community!

I am from a French start-up, Pollen Robotics, and we are developing Reachy, an open-source humanoid (both hardware and software) robot.


As former researchers, we wanted to design Reachy to explore robotics challenges in open environments, in particular object manipulation, human-robot interaction and machine learning. Reachy can be a powerful tool for research.

We truly believe open-source is the way to go to push robotics forward. And so we naturally decided to make Reachy rely on ROS and its community. We added the possibility of doing manipulation with ROS with a description package containing the URDF and a moveit package. You can check out our Medium post where we present this: Reachy, open-source humanoid robot runs ROS Noetic.

You can play with these packages at home, a simulation tool is also available here to play with Reachy using our python API.

You can also check our website for more information or watch this video that we made for CES 2020.


Looks super cool! Thanks for sharing. What cameras are you using by the way?

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Right now we are using two simple usb cameras Logitech C270 with two lenses (90° and 140°) to get different points of views of Reachy’s environment but we are currently trying other cameras to get cooler stuff (better optics, RGB-D cam to work in 3D,…).
Any suggestion is of course welcomed!

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Very cool. The shells look very smooth. Are they 3D-printed? I’ve only printed PLA with a Creativity Ender 5. What material and 3D printer did you use?

Excellent work! I really love the orbital neck and wrist joint you made, great design. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, everything is 3D-printed. We prototyped in our office using PLA and an Ultimaker 2+ but to get this really smooth parts we work with a 3D-printer professional in France. They use a printing process called Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) and the pieces are painted once printed.
You can check their website here if you want, they’re great.