Reachy, the open source and ROS based robot, is now mobile!

Hi ROS Users,

We are happy to announce that our robot Reachy is now equipped with a mobile base!

As we’ve already mentioned in this post, Reachy is an open source humanoid robot that comes with a head, a torso and two 7 DoF bio-inspired arms. It is equipped with a full SDK that allows you to develop your own applications (Python and ROS 2 Foxy) so the robot runs autonomously. Besides it can also be teleoperated with a virtual reality headset. Specific tasks may be tested right away, it is also a huge shortcut for designing applications instead of programming complex behaviors.

And now we have officially launched the mobility feature. Reachy can be mounted on a cylinder-shaped mobile base equipped with 3 omniwheels with one encoder and one Inertial Measurement Unit for each wheel, and a 2D Time Of Flight (ToF) LIDAR. The embedded High-end LiFePO4 battery comes with a warranty of 5 to 10 years and offers 10 hours of use. Finally we are integrating the ROS2 navigation stack. Of course, the mobile base can be controlled from the Python SDK or the teleoperation app.

You can see all these features in the following video. You can also check our website for more information.



Does the robot move forward as you do in VR, or is its motion controlled with the joystick?

With our current teleoperation app the joystick is used to move and rotate the mobile base. So you can use the stationary mode of the Oculus. But it is totally possible to make your own app to have the robot moving forward when you step forward.

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Are you using the Internet over 4g/5g to control Reachy while it is outdoors?

For shooting this video we were directly connected to the WiFi hotspot of the robot. Most of the time our robot is connected to a WiFi rooter. We’ve already run teleoperation tests from very remote countries (e.g. from France to the west coast of Canada).
You may use a 4G/5G hotspot, but note that the latency will depend on the quality of your internet connection.

Additional information and visuals can be found here:

By the way, we have a Unity based simulator for Reachy (without the mobile base for now) if you want to play around with the python SDK

Really Amanzing! Congrats.

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