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Launching protontypes - Looking for ROS Projects that need Support

Hey ROS,
our new organization protontypes has just been launched. We are looking for open source projects that are in trouble so that we can support them. Our free support includes marketing, financing and consulting in the field of open source and robotics. When our new concept workes we also want to expand into other domains like renewable energy. Please contact us if the following applies to you:

  1. You have a ROS project that is regularly used by other ROS users and can show it.
  2. You lack contributors, funding or further help.

If you can answer yes to both questions write a post into our forum here:

or write us an email at:

Why are we doing this? What do we get out of it?

The only thing we expect in return is the following:

  1. Every project that is accelerated is part of a large scale experiment called LibreSelery. Don’t worry, we help you with the implementation of our Github Action template. At this moment, your project must be hosted on Github. The Gitlab integration is on the API Roadmap.

  2. You have to write a guest post about your experience with LibreSelery on our blog. This is done by a simple pull request to our Website repository.

  3. You must co-finance the dependencies of your project with about 10% through LibreSelery.

LibreSelery does not have to be financed. At the moment I provide all funds from my private pocket. Only the company coinbase will get about 1.5 % to 6 %. This depends on the country you live in. We do not get any support from Coinbase.

Find more information in our first blog post: