[Live Training] ROS2 Manipulation with Perception


Mastering ROS2 Manipulation with Perception

Learn how to control arm robots to move and grasp objects with ROS2.

Training on:2022-05-17T22:00:00Z2022-05-19T22:00:00Z
Format: Online
Registration website : https://www.theconstructsim.com/ros2-manipulation-training/

Training Overview

With ROS2 quickly becoming the standard (for robotics) and overcoming ROS1, it’s time to learn how to use a robot arm with ROS2. This intensive online training offers a practical ROS2 learning experience, where you will learn how to move a robot arm to grasp objects safely without colliding.

What you’ll learn

  • How to set up a MoveIt config package for a ROS2 system
  • How to use MoveIt in ROS2 programmatically in C++
  • How to use perception to find red box coordinates in ROS2
  • How to do a pick and place in ROS2

How you’ll learn

Students learn through real-time ROS expert-led explanations, along with explanatory notebooks and robotic simulations. The students will complete the exercises with simulated robots, working with the instructor. Each student is assigned their own simulated robots.

Real Robots Used

  • UR3e Robot Arm

Simulated Robots Used

  • UR3e with Gripper
  • Open Manipulator


Day 1 – ROS2 Manipulation MoveIt

  • Generate a package using the Setup Assistant from MoveIt
  • Basic motion planning
  • Create a MoveIt2 package: port our Movelt1 pack to MoveIt2
  • ROS1 bridge

Day 2 – Perception with ROS2

  • Object detection
  • Visualize the detections in RVIZ 2
  • Get the object position

Day 3 – ROS2 Motion Planning

  • Plan the end-effector pose
  • Get the joints poses
  • Control the gripper
  • Full Pick & Place pipeline