Looking for a UMAA to ROS 2 bridge?


I saw that MITRE had a potential solution located here:

I was curious if anybody had hands on experience with it.

I was hoping for an open source solution, but haven’t seen anything show up in searches.

What I did find was this post from 2022 by @natrad100

Also, this ROS answers post

However, both of these posts leads me to think that this will be a significant undertaking.

@Gglaspell - Awhile back we did a little work to understand what it would take to setup UMAA-compliant comms from ROS2. We were hopeful that the DDS foundation would make for simple integration.

The results were mixed and consistent with you intuition that it is a “significant undertaking”. Chris Lalancette (OR) and Jessica Herman (NPS) presented at ROSCon 2021: Integrating ROS 2 with existing DDS Networks on Vimeo. I’ve also attached the accompanying white paper…

White paper - Integrating ROS 2 into a DDS network.pdf (81.0 KB)

PS - It would be great if there was a community-supported bridge. I suspect there are a number of solutions out there, but there are market and bureaucratic impediments to making such solutions open source.

@bsb808 Thank you for the white paper and the vid link :slight_smile: