Maritime Working Group October Edition

Maritime Working Group - October Meeting Anouncement

Time: 2022-10-04 8am PT (Pacific Time)2022-10-04T15:00:00Z2022-10-04T16:00:00Z

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Previous meeting recording can be found here: ROS_MWRD20220906.mkv - Google Drive


Re ROSCon Maritime BoF -

Minor update on physical space: sounds like there will be dedicated space, we don’t know what kind.

The main update is going to be on the virtual format. After testing Zoom vs Google Meet, we decided on Zoom, which allows multiple hosts and a lot more flexibility. At the meeting, we’ll ask for preference and ideas on a proposed mixed physical/virtual format.

With Japan visa requirement being lifted after Oct 11, we’re expecting a few more people in person. We’ll create a Google Form soon to ask for a head count of physical / virtual.

If there are enough people in person, we’ll look into the bonus event.

Hi @arjo129, here are some notes for a discussion about wave (and wave-body) simulation requirements and possible approaches: Wave and Hydrodynamics Simulation - Google Docs

I can add a quick demo of current state and some WIP on incorporating a linear potential flow model into a Gazebo waves sim if that’s useful, but I think there’s probably enough in the doc already for one session.

Thanks @srmainwaring! This is awesome maybe we can start discussing the approaches this time. Seems like there is a lot to cover.

Sounds good. It would be great to get an indication of what are the priorities as well, perhaps a list of applications using ROS where ocean simulation is needed and the current limitations or issues if any.

@arjo129 won’t be able to make it for the Maritime Interface’s review (meetings are now 2am local time and need some sleep!). Some notes on where this is currently:

  • Although we can build packages, we need to sort out CI for bloom deployment. Would be great if someone could assist with setting up bloom packaging in CI for the maritime_interfaces repository.
  • Through our own use, we’ve determined a more efficient structure than what we currently have in our fork. I might just post to the discourse with the proposed path.
  • Further info re UMAA indicates that significant work would be required to integrate with ROS2. Only available method for the moment is to run direct from FastDDS middleware. Thus would propose we simply build something that works for ROS2 (but may align with UMAA in some areas).
  • Proposed structure is a lookup file with message shapes, with additional custom packages for non-existent interfaces (like some control msgs). I’ll include this setup in the proposal in the next month or so (without build)

If anyone has any questions or is interested in helping out in places, flick me a message through element or via email.

I’m not sure if my last minute addition to the agenda will make the cut, so I’ll mention that I just want to point out my post about standardizing marine radar messages: Standard messages for marine radars

Meeting followup:
ROSCon Maritime BoF announcement has been posted.
Please RSVP ASAP at the Google Form here to help us determine a data and time, whether you’re attending physically or virtually.
It also asks for interests about happy hour and date.

Complete minutes are available here (thanks to @Matosinho): community/ at 01513b88d58ff507f66b276ad54beaa1a04c49cb · ros-maritime/community · GitHub

Video recording of last meeting is here: ROS_MRWG_20221004.mkv - Google Drive