March 2024 Meetings Aerial Robotics

Greetings fellow aviators!

Next meeting will be next week already:
Meeting link:
Also see the community calendar .

This will be another Developer Meeting, now also with 2 additional subcommittees, namely indoor navigation, led by @botmayank and simulation co-led by @srmainwaring and @aarsh_t (landing page will be added soon). So we will giving them some discussion space to briefly discuss some initial development goals


  • 1- Intro and Announcements
  • 2- Work done and current state by subcommittees
  • 3- Immediate plans subprojects, important PRs and announcements
    • 3a - Indoor navigation **
    • 3b - Simulation **
    • 3c - Outdoor planning
    • 3d - Documentation
  • 4- Discussion points
    • Indoor navigation: Startup discussion
    • Simulation: Startup discussion
  • 5- Conclusion

** Since these subcommittees just started, we will just have a intro by the leads and why they find this topic important

Also make sure to look at the indoor navigation development discourse thread here on discourse for some input for the meeting’s discussion. There soon will be one for simulation as well.

Also remember that we had a discussion meeting last year about aerial robotics simulation. None yet on indoor navigation but perhaps the autonomy stack discussion we had at the startup meeting is related.

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Ping! Meeting starts in a small hour.

Also, there is also now a simulation subproject landing page.

See you at the meeting at

Here is the recording of last wednesdays developer meeting:

here are the slides and notes:
Meeting 13 Mar 2024 - Summary, Chat & Trasncript (203.0 KB)
Meeting 13 Mar 2024 - Slides (428.4 KB)

Also take a look at this new discourse thread for simulation development topics by @aarsh_t

Next meeting will be on the 27th of March with a presentation by @srmainwaring about Gazebo and Aerial Vehicles.

Hi all!

Next meeting will be next week
Meeting link:
Also see the community calendar .

Mind that we are currently doing our worldy dance of the daytime savings that everybody so hold so dear… so make sure to double check the times on your calendar! If this is now conflicting with any of your other obligations let us know!

This will be a presentation meeting by @srmainwaring and he is going to talk all about Gazebo and Aerial Vehicles.

See you there!


Here is a recording of yesterday’s meeting with a great presentation about Aerial vehicles in Gazebo by @srmainwaring.

Here are the slides and notes:

Meeting 27 Mar 2024 - Summary, Chat & Transcript (185.9 KB)
Meeting 27 Mar 2024 - Slides (314.3 KB)
Presentation Aerial Vehicles in Gazebo - slides (4.9 MB)

Also a look at these 2 discussion threads for our two new subcommittees and join the discussion.

Next meeting will be on the 10th of April. We usuallly plan these at 3 pm UTC but we will need to decide if it will stay like after the European time zone switch. I’ll make sure to have that settled and mention the new time at the announcement of next week, which will be in a new thread.