Maritime WG August Meeting

Hi all,
This is a bit of a late post but we will be proceeding with the maritime working group meeting this week. Our main topic will be about Message Standardization in an effort lead by @natrad100 . If anyone is interested in joining feel free to hop onto our meeting. For context you may review the progress in the following thread and the following repo.

Maritime Working Group - August Meeting
Time: 2022-08-02T15:00:00Z2022-08-02T16:00:00Z

Google Meet joining info
Maritime Working Group Meeting
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:

As always, If you’d like to discuss something else as usual feel free to comment on this document or reply to the messages below.

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Re ROSCon BoF plan, we’ve incorporated the feedback so far - thank you. We welcome more discussion topics in the document above.

We might not be able to get a room to ourselves, which means we might end up just doing a circle somewhere. We’re still 3 months away. It should become more clear closer to the date.

ROS2 MRWG - Minutes 2nd August 2022

Recording: 2022-08-02 23-02-22.mkv - Google Drive


Arjo Chakravarty, B. Abraham, Dharini Dutia, Gustavo Rezende, Jessica Herman, John Naglak, Laura Lindzey, Louise Poubel, Mabel Zhang, Roland Arsenault, Russ Webber, Ryan Govostes, Thomas Denewiler, Vatan Aksoy, Yuri Oliveira.

Previous Action Points

WG to provide feedback to LP for hydrodynamic added mass.
WG to join Standard Interface focus group if interested
Standard Interface Architecture to be presented next meeting

Kanban Board

  • AC: Mich from Ekumen Labs has completed the implementation of Doppler Velocity Log simulation as part of the LRAUV project.
  • RW: Issue of union types with UMAA standards. Seems simple.
  • AC: For context, the standard interfaces group is trying to directly use ROS2 to access UMAA standards (which is also a DDS based protocol).
  • AC: Lookup sensor for modelling science data in progress.
  • YO: Velocity control and thruster allocation.

ROSCON Maritime Interfaces BoF organization

  • MZ:
    • Refer to the google doc: ROSCon 2022 Maritime Birds of a Feather Planning - Google Docs
    • Hybrid format
    • 3 Months away. Need In-Charges (ICs) for topics to discuss in breakout rooms see the back of the document.
    • Do during lunch, may not have floating rooms available.
    • First day, lunch because second day we have a cluster of talks. Brian Bingham suggested a happy hour.
    • Waiting to figure out rooms
      YO: Asks about creating forms.

Standard interfaces WG

Updates from NE (not present) here: AUV Standard Interfaces · Issue #17 · ros-maritime/issue_tracking · GitHub

Other feedback

  • DD: Need ideas for hydrodynamics tests
  • AC: Check tranforms, make sure the behaviours are pose invariant. Check added mass. To feed back later
  • LL: Can you announce the next meeting with a bit more notice?

Action Points

  • Need people for organization and breakout discussion ICs for BoF.
  • Refer to Mabel’s doc for the BoF
  • Standard interfaces group to watch and consider the feedback from Chris Lalancette’s talk
  • @arjo129 to feedback on @quarkytale’s hydrodynamic plugins.
  • Standard Interface Architecture to be presented next meeting
  • To announce next meeting earlier.