Master thesis ros_control for ctrlX AUTOMATION @ Bosch (Germany)

Rexroth’s ctrlX AUTOMATION is a comprehensive hardware and software platform for industrial automation, including robotics. It is also a very relevant platform for industrial applications implemented with the Robot Operating System (ROS). Because of its rich and diverse interfaces, ctrlX is particularly suitable for control tasks such as motion control of robot arms or CNC machines. For implementing such control functions with the latest version ROS 2, a dedicated framework named ros2_control has been developed by Bosch and other members of the ROS community in a joint open-source effort.

At Bosch Research in Stuttgart, Germany, we are looking for a master student to further adapt and optimize the ros2_control framework for ctrlX AUTOMATION and to explore the application potential in terms of achievable sampling rates, latencies, and throughput.

Please see Thesis ROS 2 Control Framework on Automation Platform ctrlX | Bosch in Germany for details.