May 2023 Meetings Aerial Robotics

Hi all!

So here already an announcement for next weeks meeting for the Aerial robotics working group!

Meeting link
(Should be on the community calendar soon)

This will be a scientific meeting where @miferco97 will talk about Aerostack 2 for about 20 - 30 minutes with discussion afterwards.

We will also pick the topic for our next (technical) meeting on the 24th of May.


For anybody joining tomorrow, here is the paper about Aerostack2 in case you want to read it before the meeting.

Here is the video of the scientific meeting! Thanks @miferco97 for giving us an insight into Aerostack2!

Here are the videos channels that Miguel showed: cvar-upm and CVAR UPM - YouTube

We also talked about the topic of the 24th of May. This was the result:

Topic Vote count
Non-Autonomy Packages for UAVs 0
Aerial robotics simulation 0
Message standards for UAV 2
Communication for swarms of UAVs 2
Safety and management systems 1
Tutorials and education 3
Legality and airspace access 0
Hardware, Components, and Dev Kits 1
Aerial Vehicle Types 0
Planning in 3D* 1

*suggested topic, needs to be added to the aerial landscape.

So Tutorials and education it is! I’ll post the announcement and agenda for the next meeting in this same thread somewhere next week.


Upcoming developer meeting is coming soon! (sorry, bit late with the announcement)

Meeting link: (same as before)

Also take a look at this thread to generate good input for the meeting’s discussion:

How did you get started in Aerial Robotics? - Aerial Vehicles - ROS Discourse

Preliminary agenda:

  • Intro topic Tutorials / Education
  • Discussions
    • How do you get started in Aerial robotics?
    • What was missing, and what is still missing?
    • Any good examples or experiences from other robotics platform?
  • Conclusion and pick next scientific meeting’s topic

Hello everyone; I am sharing the slides from our meeting on May 24th. During the open forum, we gathered feedback from all participants. We discussed the necessity of Aerial Robotics ROS tutorials and the importance of standardizing certain aspects of the workflow, particularly the tooling and API’s. We also talked about the need for dependable hardware developer kits. The feedback we received from researchers, developers, manufacturers, and project maintainers was incredibly valuable.

Meeting Slides:

Meeting Recording:

(We will upload it soon!)

Meeting Screenshot:


Here is the recorded video!

And here some pdfs for chats transcripts and the presentation:

Aerial Robotics WG Meeting May 2023 - Meeting #2.pdf (161.0 KB)
24_may_2023_ros_aerial_chat.pdf (33.2 KB)
24_may_2023_aerial_ros_transcript.pdf (191.9 KB)

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For the meeting of 7th of June, is there anybody that would like to present their ongoing or past project related to aerial robotics and ROS? It can be 20-30 minutes tops.

For instance: @RFRIEDM you’d like to present about the Puma and AeroVironment?