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micro-ROS updates @ late April 2021!

While awaiting the forthcoming EWG meeting next week, where we’ll present some of our ongoing and WIP developments (a detailed agenda coming soon!), we’d like to recap some of the latest features and updates added to micro-ROS:

  • Client-to-Agent time sync - We implemented a time synchronization (inherited directly from Micro XRCE-DDS) between the micro-ROS Agent and Client. The Agent provides its POSIX timestamp, which is accessible from the RMW to the Client and can be retrieved from the upper layers and thus used as an epoch time reference in the MCU. Check out a nice example to see how this works for the micro-ROS Arduino module here!
  • micro_ros_arduino v1.0.0 - We recently updated our micro-ROS component for the Arduino IDE to its first stable release, v1.0.0. It comes with the latest version of micro-ROS Foxy, that is to say, with all the features and functionalities added during the last months (basically, since we released the previous version back in November 2020)!
  • Update of the support for the ESP-IDF to v4.3 - We have updated our support to the ESP-IDF via our `micro_ros_espidf_component to the latest version, v4.3!
  • Port to ESP32-C3 - We have ported micro-ROS yet to a new member of the ESP32 family, the ESP32-C3. And watch out, it’s micro-ROS’ first time on a RISC-V chip!

micro-ROS keeps evolving!