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Moveit - Custom Action Servers Package

Hello fellow ros developers,

I made what i think is a useful addition to Moveit

This is custom action servers to interface with your Moveit robot.
That way we can customize the behavior of what the default moveit action servers implement

Usefull as an interface for highel level behavior packages like FlexBe and behavior trees

Currently it implements two action servers with 3 instances

  1. Move to Joint Space Action server (gripper and arm)
    Receives goal targets in Joint Space

  2. Move to Cartesian Space Action Server
    Receives goal targets in Cartesian Space relative to a TF frame
    (Optional) with hardcoded constraint that keeps the current orientation of
    the end effector during the execution of the plan

Well documented to change the configuration files and send some example goals

I would love the feedback!

some gifs

joints home
joints gripper
pose arm relative to end effector two times in a row
pose arm relative to end effector with orientation constraint

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