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Moving imu_tools to ros-perception GitHub organization

Dear ros-perception maintainers,

I would like to transfer imu_tools to the ros-perception GitHub group. I hope posting here is the correct channel to do this.

imu_tools is a mature and popular repo with 480 stars and 313 forks on GitHub, so I believe it’s generally useful enough to warrant a transfer to ros-perception. I’ve been maintaining the repo for the past 8 years and am committed to continue doing so, along with @robertogl on GitHub. A transfer to ros-perception would be great to ensure a proper transfer of ownership if all current maintainers would happen to go AWOL at some point in the future.

If you’re one of the ros-perception maintainers and could help us move the repo, could you post here or to the GitHub issue imu_tools#151? Thanks!


Hi @mintar ,
In short, I think this is a good idea and I’d be happy to do the move. Unfortunately we cannot do that without owner permissions on the original repository. Once you have that figured out, feel free to ping me and I can help facilitate the transfer to the ros-perception organization.

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