Nav2 Tutorial: Docker for Development of ROS Applications


Its your friendly neighborhood navigator here! In addition to a number of really great recent updates (a new Smac Planner description paper for your reference and citation, a new rviz control panel plugin for algorithms, and the ability to use TwistStamped for command pipelines), we have one more great update to announce to round off our Feb release marathon!

New to Nav2’s documentation is a tutorial for using Docker for ROS developers starting from the ground up. This tutorial is written as a walk through from pulling your first image, exploring it, and some options to see how the different commands and options work. I think its useful to motivate how each flag works individually so when you put it altogether in a 5+ argument docker run command, you can really understand what’s happening.

It also includes an appendix of Nav2 development and release Docker images for you to use for your various development needs. These are motivated by building upon the ROS Docker images to create a specific image to your project to speed up setup to get to building and testing your application (whereas Nav2 is the example explored).

If you’re new to ROS, Docker or want an approachable walkthrough about how to use Docker for your everyday development needs, please do take a look! If you have any thoughts or improvements, feel free to open a pull request! :slight_smile:

Happy containing,