[Nav2 WG] Jan 4, 2024

Navigation Working Group Meeting Minutes - Jan 4


  • Steve Macenski
  • Elsayed Elsheikh
  • Magda Skoczen
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Ben Perseghetti
  • Josh Wallace

New people introduce themselves

  • N/A



  • N/A

New additions of note:

  • Added new DCO checking bot and requirement to Nav2 (Open Navigation)
  • Looking for testing on TwistStamped Conversion (Open Navigation, Ryan Friedman)
  • Homologated polygons parameter types: modified collision monitor polygon parameter parser to use Costmap footprint style. You’ll need to update your parameter files (Dexory)
  • IsPathValid to use footprint SE2 checks when the robot is non-circular (Locus Robotics)
  • BT nodes accept dynamic port parameters for all rather than on construction (maksymdidukh)
  • Minor fix to simple commander for smoother failure in Humble (Open Navigation)


  • Loopback simulator
  • Velocity scheduled polygons for collision monitor
  • MPPI obstacle critic improvements and optimizations
  • Graceful motion controller
  • Fuse GPS

New bugs of note:

  • N/A
  • But plenty of new small and small-medium tickets filed recently that would be great places to jump in and get involved!

Anything else?

  • Magda
    • Raycasting and ordering of processing could override itself. Take max per update cycle or do all clear before all mark
    • Traversability cost ranges, 0,254 → also add class higher cost map
    • Changing labels at runtime, not necessary
    • Supporting different source types
    • probablistic modeling

Round Robbin (questions, comments, what youre working on, updates, etc)

  • Steve: TwistStamped migration, backlog PR reviews like SLAM Toolbox Lifecycle merging
  • Ben: Rviz or Foxglove?
  • Magda: Semantic segmentation layer review
  • Fergs: RTK base station setup (RTK2Go) for robogames
  • Elsayed: contributing to nav2 + setting up TB4
  • Josh: IsPathValid
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Heyy there, if I am interested in attending this meeting, where can I find the link to it ?

You can add yourself using the calendar here: