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Navigation2 Working Group Meeting 2/06 (1 hour earlier!)

Hi all,

The next navigation working group is at 2pm PST today, 2/06.

We have a couple of topics to discuss including:

  • Reviewers - Call to action: more people in the weekly to review PRs. Last week Geoff had a recommendation on PR guidelines but I’d like to start small and work through more process as we go.
  • V1.0.0 Kanban Board - new project board with the stability and completion items necessary to release a V1.0.0. Along with V1.0.0, I would like to also release a new Navigation name, logo, and branding guide.
  • Having folks on the call discuss their topics. It seems that we’ve grown the working group (yay!) but there’s not alot of folks on the calls with tickets, questions, or PRs. I want to figure out what’s going on to help everyone be successful but also transition more people into being active in the project.
  • Starting next week (not this meeting) I want to instate a round-robbin discussion in the meetings. Everyone on the calls will have a minute or two to talk about what they’re working on and anything they’d like to share about it. I hope this will encourage folks to be vocal about what they’re up to and get folks to be more active in the project.
  • Give an update on the work for the Navigation2 IROS paper

If you have additional topics, please post below before the meeting.

Link to the discussion here

See you all there,


Thanks @smac for the announcement.

I am currently working on making nav2 stack possible to run through node composition. I want to discuss some obstacles which I am facing with the nav2 stack making this possible.


Woops. Sorry I missed it. I forgot about the time change.


  • There’s some work on ROS2 composition in the works by @shivaang12
  • There’s some work on Multirobot by Joao
  • There was a question on dynamic parameters for DWB
  • I have a new Kanban board, V1.0.0, for the stability and feature completion items needed for a V1 release I want to aim for before year end.
  • We need more reviewers or things are going to get very stale, very fast. Please jump in as you are able.
  • The working group meetings will now end with a round-robbin of attendees on what they’re working on. This can be about the navigation ecosystem, using it, or really anything. Just a way to get more participation and being up questions in a less stressful way
  • IROS paper has the abstract, intro, and 1/2 of the related works done. Called for action for folks that have committed to writing sections to get to it or give a timeline ASAP.