ROS on Steam Deck

Not a question, more of a comment… :rofl:

It works a treat! I have up on the package manager as I’m new to Arch Linux but installing Noetic using RoboShack and its worked a treat!

I got my Turtlebot 3 up and running, got teleop working using the built in controllers, and fired up the SLAM package on the Deck and it’s worked an absolute treat!

I’m running a StereoPi board on the Turtlebot, tomorrow I’m going to try and get the stereo cameras working and see if I can generate a 3d map on here.


Nice one, I’ve been waiting for someone to try this and share their thoughts!

I think it seems like a fantastic candidate for development especially for educational contexts as you can (I believe) set it up to boot off the SD card and it could become like a Raspberry Pi. The Deck hardware could be owned by an institution, students could be provided with an SD card preimaged with what is needed, develop on the deck while docked, then unplug it and drive/monitor a robot. You could even imagine supplying 2x paired SD cards, one for a Pi in the robot and one for the Deck.

I’m keen to give it a go once they become available in Australia, but I think we could be waiting a long time…

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I’d hoped for similar when the Switch was announced but sadly Nintendo are dead against any kind of homebrew so that put an end to that. I am intrigued by running Windows on it to be honest and booting from Micro SD would save installing it if it didn’t work out. I have a Windows Mixed Reality Headset and I’ve been aiming to get ROS in to Unity to see if I can make use of it.

It needs a lot of tuning but with a Stereo Pi on my Turtlebot3 I’m generating a point cloud and rendering it on the Deck!


I had a request to test Foxglove Studio on twitter, the native app installed fine.

I think an actual ROS application in the Steam store would be the best solution, but with the desktop readily available it’s remarkably capable.

I’ve now switched over to building a Unity based controller, looks like it’ll run on most platforms Unity supports.

This was just a proof of concept, I think the concept is proven nicely!

Did you need to do anything else than install according this guide?

I get the following error:

This is very exciting!

Also your cat seems remarkably ambivalent about your TurtleBot.

That looks great! What OS are you using? directly Steamdeck? Any starting point suggestions for setting up ROS or ROS2 on the steamdeck?

Thank you