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New offline speech recognition ROS package: picovoice_driver

Hi all,

I made some ROS wrappers around the Picovoice libraries for offline speech recognition:

  • Speech to intent
  • Hotword detection

Might be useful for people working on non-commercial projects, e.g. personal projects / robocup settings. Tutorial can be found here and is installable via apt-get as of today:

apt-get install ros-noetic-picovoice-driver




Hi Reinzor, I have some problems with this line: rosrun actionlib_tools /get_keyword # ros-noetic-actionlib-tools (for earlier distro’s it should be included in the 'actionlib` package)

Cause the terminal shows me that the actionlib_tools does not exist and i do not how to fix it. Pleas help me, ty.
Love your work!

Hi Gaby,

As the suffix comment already suggests; please install the required package:

For ros noetic:

sudo apt-get -y install ros-noetic-actionlib-tools
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