New package - joy_tester

Hi everyone, I recently released a package called joy_tester, and with the latest sync it should now be available in the humble and rolling package repos (foxy should come whenever it is next synced).

It’s a simple utility for monitoring/troubleshooting Joy messages, since the values ROS sees are not always as expected (compared to normal OS joystick monitoring tools), and a simple topic echo does not at a glance show which button/axis is which (useful when mapping controls).

There’s certainly room for improvement (see the README), but it has one main job and it does it fine.

I hope someone out there finds it useful (as I have), and any feedback is welcome! :slight_smile:

P.S. If you do find it helpful, you may also like another package I maintain: twist_stamper, for simple conversion between Twist and TwistStamped topics.


how do you install it ?
do I have to build the repo ?

You should be able to simply sudo apt install ros-humble-joy-tester! If that doesn’t work, please let me know :slight_smile:

(Of course you can also compile it, it’s very simple)