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New packages for PSENscan

The safety laser scanner PSENscan offers new opportunities for the production logistics sector: thanks to the full integration into ROS, PSENscan can now be used not just for safe, productive area monitoring but also for navigating automated guided vehicles (AGV) .

With the help of the new ROS packages, the data you need for navigation is available in ROS-compliant format, without the need for additional programming. As a result, this data can be seamlessly fed into SLAM algorithms (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping). Resulting maps can be used for dynamic navigation and AGV obstacle avoidance. You benefit from a more dynamic and therefore safe implementation of mobile applications in production environments.

ROS’s open, modular approach enables multiple safety laser scanners to be integrated simply into existing ROS environments . Applications with PSENscan can be flexibly adapted to customised tasks. Pilz ROS packages conform to the industry requirements of the ROS Industrial Consortium and are developed and tested in accordance with Pilz development standards. As a result, new software features can be implemented easily.

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