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Launch a teleop controller for ROS2 in your web browser using ros2-web-bridge

Hi All,

As mentioned in a post from last week, I’m working creating a simple to build and affordable differential drive robot kit that is fully ROS2 capable - known as Hadabot (aka ROSbots / ROSdroid in a past life, renamed to Hadabot to avoid ROS trademark issues).

Hadabot’s user experience will be (entirely - fingers crossed) web-based. I’ll be posting my progress on developing the Hadabot kit and user-experience regularly.

In my latest write-up, I explain a bit more about the browser-centric rationale and showcase a web-based teleop controller by leveraging RobotWebTool’s ros2-web-bridge to publish ROS2 Twist messages.

As with all previous examples, you can run the entire example (even bash commands) from the web browser.

As usual, love to hear feedback, suggestions, encouragements (discouragements).

Thanks and happy building!
Jack “the Hadabot Maker”