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Noetic Compatible Manipulators

I have been looking for Robotic Arms that can work with ROS Noetic (Moveit) and Gazebo. The go-to manipulators like the ones from Universal Robotics don’t work properly with noetic.

Please Suggest Arms that can work with Gazebo and Moveit. I am trying to build pick’n place bots which act based on the data from depth cameras in a gazebo environment. Projects which do a similar task and work with Noetic would be appreciated too.

Thanks in Advance

HI Saksham, have you found something? I’m also looking for it :slight_smile:

This is strange, all manipulators/arms that work with Melodic should work with Noetic just as well. If they don’t please open issues on the respective repositories.

Some of them might not have been released as Debian packages yet, but you can still simply check out the code in your catkin workspace and compile locally.

+1 to Simon, could you provide some more detail?

Are you encountering the same issues with the MoveIt Noetic tutorials as well or is this Gazebo specific?

I am not sure what’s causing the problem, melodic version of most manipulators like the ones by Universal Robotics and most others do not work properly. Particularly for UR Manipulators, firstly they do not appear properly (some sections appear as transparent) and they do not come with any end effectors.