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OpenSplice move to Eclipse Cyclone DDS in ROS 2

Based on community demand and user feedback we’d like to focus our ROS efforts on the Eclipse IoT Eclipse Cyclone DDS project. What do you think? OpenSplice users can switch to rmw_cyclonedds which is easier, 3x faster, 1/3 CPU and uses less memory than OpenSplice. Eclipse Cyclone DDS will be familiar and easy for OpenSplice users. We contributed both and Eclipse Cyclone DDS is the new generation. Please reach our if there’s anything you use in OpenSplice not already in Eclipse Cyclone DDS and we’ll work hard to make sure it is in Foxy. We are here to support you via GitHub issues. You can also DM @eboasson @rotu @joespeed. Here is more on Eclipse Cyclone DDS.

How to switch from OpenSplice to CycloneDDS in ROS 2:

Install CycloneDDS:

apt install ros-eloquent-rmw-cyclonedds-cpp
                (or dashing)

Run ROS with CycloneDDS: Set env variable and run as usual


Confirm RMW: In Eloquent, to confirm which RMW you’re using

ros2 doctor --report

note: OpenSplice has not been removed from the current ROS 2 distros.


That’s quite a mouthful.



thanks for the information, cyclonedds works fine with good stability and footprint !

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I moved forward with the removal of OpenSplice for Foxy:


Thanks for being open and straightforward with this @joespeed, makes total sense. Given our discussion about this it might be worth clarifying for others: this isn’t a change on existing ROS distros. OpenSplice will continue to be supported there. The change in focus (and subsequent RMW impl removal) applies to Foxy and beyond.


OpenSplice removal from rmw_implementation:


A few more dependencies to OpenSplice removed:

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Thanks @Jacob! :100: More info for those looking at Eclipse Cyclone DDS RMW a project of Eclipse IoT and OpenADx autonomous driving WG and testbed