Ros2webots: Simulation on Webots, Development with ROS2!

Dear ROS2 community, I’m interested in to share my robot simulation repo with you: ros2webots. I use Webots and ROS2 in ros2webots simulation project.

I’m using Webots for creating the world and robot, and the software development is being done using ROS2. Currently, I have developed a ROSbot simulation, that has a simple localization node that used IMU and Wheels data for providing localization data. You can find the package here. I have presented the localization result here. The robot motion is controlled by keyboard input, however after adding a mapping node, I will develop a go-to-point controller for the simulated ROSbot.

I would be happy to see if you are interested in this project, or you are gonna work on similar stuff. Maybe we can set up a collaboration!

Sincerely yours,
Mohammad Javad Zallaghi