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PICA: Drone Made to Learn ROS with MCU and FPGA


Tranquil way to learn ROS: PICA is the choice to have a strong grip on ROS, MCU and FPGA en masse.

If you are a new learner of ROS and want to own your R&D drone? Do you want to learn ROS along with MCU and FPGA? PICA would be the choice for you to experience science, research and education all together on one plate form. PICA is specially designed for Research and development and it would give you a thorough insight of ROS. In a very short period of time you can be skillful in the field of ROS Robotics. PICA is a highly capable platform for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. PICA is packed with serious processing and computing power, deploying an advanced FPGA, MCU and on-board computation module. The Education Package would give you full access to a learning environment. It has tutorials and instructions inside, and could help you to leap a quick start towards robo-science.

Gaitech Robotics have also a perk for the customers, to support the consumer, there are learning courses available, which includes not only the hardware training but also software drills will be available.

PICA is now available on Indiegogo !



Nice to see a new drone open source! Is your autopilot new or based on PX4 or ArduPilot ?