Preparing ROS 2 Rolling for the transition to Ubuntu 24.04

As documented in REP-2000 the next stable release of ROS 2, Jazzy Jalisco, will target the Linux platforms Debian Bookworm, RHEL 9, and Ubuntu 24.04 Noble Numbat.

As previously, the Rolling distribution will streamline the production of ROS 2 Jazzy. The checklist for the Rollling transition is in this issue on GitHub:

Broadly speaking the work involves setting up the initial infrastructure, making it possible to run builds using the new target platforms, resolving issues due to platform changes, and then throwing the big switch changing the default platforms in CI. Once the switch is thrown we’ll also use the rosdistro migration tools to automatically re-release Rolling packages for 24.04 and reconfigure the build farm to build the new 24.04-based binaries.

We are already working on the transition through this month but we won’t know until we have the first builds running how much work is going to be required to bring up ROS 2 on Ubuntu Noble. We are aiming to transition ROS Rolling over on Ubuntu Noble on the week of the 5th of February.

Once Rolling has transitioned to 24.04 new Rolling packages will no longer be produced for Ubuntu 22.04.


The transition mentioned above, ROS Rolling over on Ubuntu Noble, is being delayed as we are waiting for the landing of python 3.12 on Ubuntu Noble. The current tracking bug for the Python 3.12 default transition can be found here:

We’ll try to land the transition as soon as Python gets updated.


The Python 3.12 transition has been completed. So this transition is unblocked. I am about to perform one further Rolling sync on Ubuntu 22.04.

Releases to Rolling will be held until we’ve completed the transition. Unlike most sync holds, when this transition is completed, bloom PRs created with Rolling based on Ubuntu 22.04 will be completely invalid as they no longer target the supported distributions for Rolling, so any releases will need to be re-bloomed after we’ve completed the transition. Thus I would advise not making new releases into Rolling until after we announce the first Rolling sync on Ubuntu 24.04.

The rosdistro review team will be instructed to close rosdistro PRs that are made against Rolling on 22.04 citing this message.


Do you have a general timeline for the completed first sync? (Days weeks months?)

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Similar question regarding nightly builds and archives from

We are hoping to have it done by the end of this upcoming week (March 8). It may slip into the following week, though.


Once we have the binary builds syncing properly, we’ll also switch over to building on noble by default. So probably within in the next couple of weeks.

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We’ve done a first run of the migration to Ubuntu 24.04, and have merged in Prepare Rolling for platform transition. by marcoag · Pull Request #40033 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub . We are working on fixing ~50 missing packages. The freeze will continue while we are working through these packages, but we will break the freeze for the packages we can fix. We expect to be fixing problems through the end of this week, and then hopefully by the end of next week (week of March 11) have the first sync.


We’re seeing some build failures in Nav2 still

I expect that these are transient with the changes but wanted to report since the last comment says that things were completed. If things are totally completed, there may be some oversight issues with Rolling on 22.04. I understand no new packages will be distributed for 22.04, but it looks like rosdep is having some problems just getting the packages that already exist. I’ve seen this myself, in another related project’s CI, and a user report is linked above.

I’m not worried about it if transient, but wanted to make sure it was reported in case it is not a known oddity that isn’t being addressed yet.

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To reproduce what @smac is talking about:

docker run -it --rm ros:rolling-perception

rosdep resolve geometry_msgs

rosdep update
rosdep resolve geometry_msgs

       ERROR: No definition of [geometry_msgs] for OS version [jammy]

I guess geometry_msgs is one of the 50 missing packages

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We are still working through issues here, and probably will be for the next few days.


As I expected, thanks! I look forward to 24.04 and a new version of GZ!

Are releases to rolling supposed to be desired once again?
I just saw a few merged ones in rosdistro but didn’t see a confirmation here :slight_smile:

We’re still working on getting binaries working on 24.04. We’ve made significant progress, but we still are having a few issues that we’ll work through this upcoming week. You can open up new rosdistro PRs to Rolling now, but we may or may not merge them until we get the base packages working.


I will wait to reduce the noise. Thanks for the tough work!

FYI there is a Rolling sync ongoing as part of this work: Preparing for Rolling sync 2024-03-13


Hey there :wave:,

Do you know where one should look to follow the progress of the availability of the variants packages in Rolling ?
Based on ROS packages for Rolling - 2024-04-07 09:18:03 -0800 it looks like the simulation and desktop_full variants have not been made available since this announcement.


For Cross-referencing: Update ubuntu base to noble for Rolling · Issue #728 · osrf/docker_images · GitHub

So as it stands, the thing that is holding up desktop_full is indeed simulation. So I’ll talk about that.

In Rolling/Jazzy, we are switching the way that Gazebo packages are delivered. In particular, they are now “proper” ROS packages, released and built on the ROS buildfarm. You can see how this looks in rosdistro/rolling/distribution.yaml at 14b7539a0112dfb01a2496f4d54c76a8a45fe63d · ros/rosdistro · GitHub , where we have source entries for all of the packages. However, they have not all yet been released, so this is still in progress.

Once we have released everything, then we’ll need to update anything downstream that depends on them, including the variants simulation package. That should be coming in the next few weeks, hopefully.