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QL 1 achieved for the Micro XRCE-DDS Client related packages!

eProsima is glad to announce that the Micro XRCE-DDS Client and its serialization library, Micro CDR, have been recently refactored to comply with the ROS packages Quality Level 1 (QL 1), as established by the Open Robotics REP-2004. This QL is thought for packages which are, or might be, required in a production environment.


The Quality Levels defined in the REP-2004 enforce guidelines for evaluating package quality for both maintainers and consumers.
Package maintainers can then establish, and document accordingly, their own specific policies addressing how their packages achieve a given QL.
In turn, consumers use these guidelines and policies to set expectations on package quality and to better evaluate whether a package or its dependencies meet the standards required in their use-case.

In the case of the repos described above, the fundamental justification for these packages to be considered as to be of QL 1 is summarised in the documents below:

The rationale for carrying out this assessment stems, among others, from the recent incorporation of these packages into the ROS Common Packages, as defined in the ROS REP-2005, which formally demands that a ROS Common Package comes with an associated QL.

Together, these achievements significantly upgrade the positioning of Micro XRCE-DDS in the ROS 2 galaxy as a first-line player!

Stay tuned: a complementary assessment is foreseen in the very near future for the XRCE Agent, too!

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Congratulations! Y’all are knocking it out of the park lately!

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