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Release of webots_ros

Dear ROS users,

We would like to announce the latest release of the webots_ros package.

The webots_ros package lets you use the Webots robot simulator (which recently became open-source) together with ROS.

This new version of the package greatly simplifies the interface between Webots and ROS, new launch files are provided to start your node and the corresponding simulation easily. We also wrote some documentation about the available sample simulations.

Furthermore, we added simulation models of the Universal Robots UR3e, UR5e and UR5e driven by ROS nodes.


Contributions to this package are welcome on the webots_ros GitHub repository.

This new version of the package was sponsored by ROSIN project.


This looks promising. Good alternative for Gazebo. Great work


Just out of curiosity, what’s a benefit over Gazebo?

To be honest I am not the best suited to give a fair comparison (as I am working on the development of Webots), the best to forge your own opinion would be to try it :wink:

You might find some differences in the tables of this wikipedia page.

If you never tried Webots, you can have a quick overview in this video: