Request for suggestion to contribute to Embedded ROS


I am experienced software/hardware engineer have worked extensively on linux kernel , device drivert, hypervisors and schedulers. My most recent project involves dynamic linking of task over FreeRTOS scheduler. I believe my knowledge and experience can be helpful to ROS community but, as I am new here, I am unsure where to contribute.

I am based out of Cambridge, UK and intested in embedded development.

I am looking to contribute to the core components of ROS, specifically and if needed, to scheduler and enhance its functionality.

Please can you share some help materieal or guide me to links, github where I can find the desired information.
Looking foward to working with you all.

Anshul Makkar


Thans Anshul,

Please, take a look at micro-ROS standard framewrok to bring embedded into ROS 2.

I add @ralph-lange and @JanStaschulat to the loop who are involved in the executor.


Dear Anshul,
additional to the micro-ROS website, we are developing the rclc-API as a ROS 2 package.

Regarding ROS 2 in general, we are also planning to extend the default ROS 2 Executor to make it more efficient, deterministic and real-time capable. A good starting point for these topics is the Executor Workshop at ROS World, Oct 2021 which also describes a reference system. You find a documentation about ROS 2 Executors on These topics are discussed in the Real-Time working group as well as in the Middleware working group. Embedded topics are discussed in the Embedded Working Group. See ROS Events Calendar for next meetings. Feel free to join.

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Perfect. thanks @mamerlan and @JanStaschulat . Just the kind of help I was looking for to get me started. See you on those channels.