RoboCup Home challenge solved with BT-Studio

Hi folks,

a new (complex) robot challenge has been solved using BT-Studio, the JdeRobot web tool for creating BehaviorTree based robotics applications.

This new demo, called recepcionist, is a combination of various challenges from the 2022 edition of the RoboCup@Home that have been simplified in order to get a simple yet complex demo. Recepcionist consist of robot acting as a party host, it greets the guests at the door, accompanies them to the couch, brings them drinks and continues. It is made by combining nodes that interact with the blackboard, others that do not and also nodes that call actions, nav2 that is used to control the movement of the robot. This shows that the possibilities of what can be created using BT-Studio are endless.

This is a step forward beyond simple applications such as Person Following .

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