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ROS 2.0 tutorial series

Posted originally in the ROS users mailing list:

While ROS 2.0 is still under development (alpha releases), the good work of the OSRF team already allows many things to be done on top of it. After a few months working with ROS 2.0 and getting good preliminary results, our team decided to start contributing and switching towards ROS 2.0 for new products. While our contributions will take a bit to merge upstream we noticed that besides the fantastic resource put together by the OSRF and friends at, there were not many additional resources that newcomers could use to take the first steps.

Our interns at Erle were having a bad time learning ROS 2.0 so we decided to have one of them create a video series about ROS 2.0 that others could benefit from.
Asier, who now became a full time employee put together a series both in spanish and in english:

The content has proved to be useful for several people so we’re glad to released it publicly and get your feedback. Feel free to send us your thinking.

We’ve allocated some additional funding for this tutorial series so if you’d like to see some additional topic covered, let us know.