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@Martin_Guenther, thanks for your kind words. We are very excited to be part of ROS2 initiative. Regarding, Forking new repo vs branching under existing repo, I completely agree that branching under ROS1 repo will be a better idea. I’ll work my team and provide them similar guidelines to follow. I really appreciate your feedback and guidelines here.

@bponsler and @Rohita83, Thanks for your communication around Diagnostic-aggregator and diagnostic-updater porting to ROS2. It is correct that we, at Persistent system are extending our help in porting these two packages to ROS2. Please let us know how can we collaborate our effort together to make it more effective without duplicating the effort.

@bponsler, We have cloned diagnostic_updater from ROS1 master (Indigo-devel) branch and merged your changes from bponsler:ros2-devel branch. Additionally we have updated some CPP code as per ROS2 guidelines to support ROS2 build and also execute gtest on ROS2 Bouncy.

@bponsler, @Austin Hendrix, @Brice Rebsamen, As diagnostics git repo is not available for ROS2, Would you please suggest us to whom we should raise PR for the same.

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@Rohita83 - great, thanks for taking that over.

I think the correct thing to do is to have a ros2 devel branch created in ros/diagnostics ( and then merge your changes there. I had created an initial PR just for visibility ( but didn’t get a branch created. It will be easiest for others to find the port if it’s part of ros/diagnostics.

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@bponsler - Thanks for your response. definitely this information will help us to move ahead.

Hey, all, our team will plan to port below laser related packages for ros2 perception, if anyone started on these packages porting, please let us know.

  • laser_filters (by vandanamandlik
  • laser_proc
  • imu_pipeline
  • laser_pipeline

Hi all,
We have successfully ported Diagnostic package ( Diagnostic aggregator, Updatar,common diagnostic, analysis and self test ) to ros2 and its working. Test cases pass !!!.
please find new pull request for updated code.
Diagnostic package is ready to use and any improvements are always welcome .

We have ported Bond-core (bondcpp) package to ROS2. It has been tested.
This package is ready to use. Please find pull request, for code.
Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.

We have taken up laser_assembler and filters package for porting.
laser_filters package is dependent on filters package on which we are working currently.
Here is discourse link for laser_assembler and filters:

@vandanamandik, yes I see you have already started porting laster_assembler and laser_filters. We just planned and start to port others like laser_proc, laser_pipeline, image_pipeline from 2019 Jan.

@yechun Thanks, I have started to migrate pcl_msgs. I have taken the source from

@yechun I have taken code from (Indigo branch) and migrated to ROS2. Please create a branch of ros2 in this repository. So I can make a pool request.

@sandiprakhasiya Created request as below

@k-okada, Is there anyone working on porting opencv_apps to ROS2? If not, I would like to put the effort in porting it to ROS2. I have forked the project from Let me know if you have any suggestion. Thanks.

So, having not undertaken any ROS2 porting myself, I have to ask - what’s the common (dare I say standard?) practice for repos/branches? Keep the same repo, and create a ros2 branch? I know that upstream ROS2 repositories tend to follow the master + distro branches approach.

Github being what it is, having two essentially ‘main’ branches (one for ROS1, one for ROS2) is suboptimal in terms of visibility and code search, however creating ros2_* repos feels unpleasant as well.

For “core” ROS 2 repositories (rclcpp, rclpy, etc), we have a separate repository using the master branch for the most part. This makes sense since these repositories share no code with their ROS 1 counterparts.

Early on in the porting of some of the non-core repositories (pcl_conversions, depthimage_to_laserscan), we forked the repositories into the ros2 organization and did the ports there. But creating separate repositories means it is harder to port changes across, so our recommendation for new ports has been to make a ros2 branch on the upstream repository and do the port there.

We’d like to get to a place where you can host both the ROS 1 and ROS 2 ports of the code on the same branch, but I don’t think we have the documentation and/or pieces in place to do this quite yet. If someone is willing to work on this, though, it would be a great thing for the community to have.

@yechun and @Paul_Bovbel

Please find the pull request,
Let me know if any discrepancy or suggestion.


Hi all,
We have ported filters package to ROS2 with all tests passed. Please find pull request for the updated code. Waiting for the feedback and suggestions.

@jon We have started with the porting of laser_filters on ros2. As our team member @vandanamandik has already announced it. Waiting for the suggestions if any.

@jon It seems you have started with some ros2 migration changes for laser_filters package almost a year ago and created ros2 branch for it. So just want to confirm whether you would be taking it for completion or we can own it and take it to the completion.