ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill PR1 - Yocto Honister (2022/11/23)

There was a new patch release for ROS 2 Humble Patch Release 1 on 2022/11/23: New packages and patch release for Humble Hawksbill 2022-11-23

I created a pull request with generated recipes for that milestone as well as additional changes necessary to do a full ros-image-world build for Humble PR1 on Honister 3.4.4

ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill PR1 - Yocto Honister (2022/11/23) by robwoolley · Pull Request #1035 · ros/meta-ros (

This PR is a draft for feedback from the community. I broke down each fix and provided an explanation. However, the missing build tool dependencies were common across many recipes and I may revisit it to combine them into a single commit. The end result would remain the same. I tested this PR by building ros-image-world for qemu-x86-64, raspberrypi4, and raspberrypi4-64.

This has only been tested with Honister for now, but it should serve as a good baseline for adding Humble support to the other Yocto Releases.

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