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ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes - 2020-07-16

ROS 2 TSC Meeting Agenda 2020-07-16

  • Attendees
    • Apex.AI: Dejan Pangercic
    • ADLINK: Joe Speed
    • eProsima: Jaime Martin Losa
    • Bosch: Karsten Knese
    • Samsung: Steve Macenski
    • Rover Robotics: Nick Fragale
    • TRI: Toffee Albina, Ian McMahon
    • Microsoft: Sean Yen
    • ROBOTIS: Will Son
    • Amazon: Aaron Blasdel
    • LG Electronics: Lokesh Kumar Goel
    • Open Robotics: Brian Gerkey, Dirk Thomas, Chris Lalancette, Tully Foote, Louise Poubel
    • Canonical: Kyle Fazzari
    • Intel: Harold Yang
    • SwRI, representing CCDC-GVSC: Jerry Towler
    • PickNik: Dave Coleman
  • Preliminaries
    • [Gerkey] Open Robotics rep change: Chris Lalancette
    • [Toffee] TRI rep change: Ian McMahon
  • Old business
    • [Macenski] Pending REP-2005 PRs for inclusion (robot_localization, slam_toolbox,, bond)
    • [Gerkey] Need follow-up on performance issues discussion
      • TSC-internal doc in progress
  • New business
    • [Gerkey] Reminder to fill in your contribution report, to be included in the minutes
    • [Aaron] Will look into sharing the Amazon script for generating contribution reports with TSC members.
  • Recurring business
    • Working groups [TBD mins each]
      • [Knese] Control

      • [Speed] Edge AI

        • 43 community responses, could use more. Please share widely this ROS user ML survey
        • July 23rd WG meeting: review ROS user ML survey, plan next steps, ros2 YOLACT guest speaker, NVIDIA’s planned contrib
      • [Martin Losa] Embedded

        • We’ll retake the meetings starting the next 22nd of July, at 5 pm CEST (8 am PDT), every four Wednesdays.
        • Micro-ROS: Foxy Official Release is delayed until the end of this month. The current status:
          • There is a feature/foxy_migration branch (PR)
          • Tested on FreeRTOS, Zephyr and Nuttx, on the boards: Olimex STM32-E407, ST Discovery IoT y Crazyflie 2.1.
          • Doing a latest code review, and improving docs to create a better release.
      • [Macenski] Navigation

        • 3 students joining us this summer working on localization, testing, and dynamic obstacle avoidance capabilities
        • Released Navigation2 and dependencies for Foxy
        • Holding retention at about 20 people attending working group meetings
        • Big pushes on test coverage, now at 70% total coverage with 5 packages exceeding 90%.
        • Working on getting other senior co-maintainers from companies and research organizations that rely on Nav2 / ROS2 mobile robot support, any interest please reach out. We currently fail the ‘bus test’.
          • So far Rover has committed to 0.25 FTE to help me triage and review. Looking for 1-2 more organizations to help part time to have distributed support
      • [Pangercic] Real-time

      • [Biggs] Safety

        • [Gerkey] Talk to Geoff and figure out how to handle reporting on this one.
      • [Fazzari] Security

        • CIS benchmark draft for ROS has been opened to the community (forum post with more info coming soon)
        • Working on internal vuln handling process
        • Released nodl v0.2 to Foxy
        • Updated NoDL design doc to reflect reality
      • [Blasdel] Tooling

        • Had “Big Ideas Day” to take time to consider the purpose of the WG. Landed on the following decisions:
          • First focus of the WG should be to present a clear backlog & roadmap, triage bugs and feature requests, and make it very easy for the community to know what is important to contribute to.
          • Will double down on quality, stability, and maintenance processes before taking on any new products.
          • Those new products should probably be focused on the “ROS-specific” e.g. rosbag2, diagnostics, ros development environment, (rviz, rqt?) and focus slightly less on e.g. CI which has a wider community building tools.
          • Semiweekly meetings will spend more time on the backlog.
        • Had first “Topic Specific Breakout Session” to discuss rosbag2 performance
      • Went very well, we like the idea of more “Breakout Sessions” to discuss designs for e.g. Diagnostics, Cross-compile, etc

      • Adam Dabrowski from Robotec presented his findings on rosbag2 performance, identifying low hanging fruit for us to prioritize.

      • [Coleman] Manipulation

        • Effort to reduce compile time of MoveIt
        • Started Noetic bloom release
        • Dropping Kinetic support in our primary branch
        • 2 GSoC students and 2 interns working on new features
        • Adding multiple planner support
        • Started Foxy bloom release
        • 80% of MoveIt functionality now ported to MoveIt 2
        • World MoveIt Day 2020 Recap
          • 67 pull requests merged
          • 100 pull requests opened

Monthly contribution self-reporting


  • Each TSC representative: Please fill in your organization’s section with the engineering activities and other contributions that your organisation has made to ROS 2.
  • Please fill your section prior to our next meeting on 2020-07-16.
  • This report covers work done since the previous TSC meeting: 2020-06-19 - 2020-07-16. Don’t include work done earlier or planned for the future.
  • Contributions may come from you, your colleagues, and/or external collaborators that you’re funding to do the work that’s reported.
  • Each package to which you’re contributing should be included on the list of ROS 2 Common Packages.
  • When possible, provide links to your contributions (e.g., pull requests).
  • Provide enough detail for everyone to understand what was done.
  • These reports will be included in the published meeting minutes.
  • Example:
    • foo_org/bar_pkg
      • Implemented the whizbang feature (PR)
      • Investigated and reported on the superbad bug (comment)



@gerkey under Apex.AI contributions this text got doubled, can you remove 1/2?

Apex.AI will in the remaining of the 2020 have very low contribution to packages listed here: because of 2 reasons:

  • We are 100% focused on ISO 26262 certification of ROS 2 (findings of this process we will share in early 2021)
  • We drive and contribute masively to this project (which was not accepted in REP-2005)
  • We want to be fully transparent and If this fact requires actions or sanctions we will accept this

Done; thanks for catching that.