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ROS Beginner Tutorials

Hello everyone…
My name is Vibhutha Kumarage from Sri Lanka. I’m gonna create youtube channel for ROS tutorials. As the first step, I created a simple obstacle avoidance robot simulation with Gazebo + ROS and uploaded the source files. My concept of creating videos is re-tutor text tutorials in ROS documentation and other sources as video contents. My target audience is the ROS beginners who wants a jump start in the ROS learning process. I am expecting feedback for this project and guidance to make an impact to ROS world.
Thank you.
First Video link :

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Hey… nice to see another Sri Lankan here… I’m Imesh and recently started learning ROS… as a beginner I must say it is bit hard to get the first few steps into the ROS. Please keep up the good work…
Can I ask where ar u from in Sri Lanka ??

Wow, I’m also a Sri Lankan and I hope to study ROS, I just started as a beginner and I hope u guys are able to help me.