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ROS Developers Day 2021 conference videos

From this week we are starting to post on Youtube the videos of the 4th ROS Developers Day. We will be posting periodically each of the video presentations done by the ROS experts.

We start this week with the opening of the conference… you cannot miss it if you want to have some laughs!

Check the video here: Welcome & Opening | ROSDevDay 2021 - YouTube


For the record in here as well. I think this is brilliant. A great message that benefits the community sent in a fun and creative way.

This is likely one of the best (if not the best) marketing efforts I’ve ever seen in the ROS community. We’ll done @ricardotellez and team!


Thanks a lot Victor for your kind comments. All the credit goes to @YUHONG_LIN our VP of marketing who was the one who had the idea and managed everything.

@ricardotellez @YUHONG_LIN Great job :+1: I’ll look into some of the presentations. thanks!

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