ROS Engineers with Automotive Experience Looking for New Projects

Dear ROS Community,

my team and I have 4 years of experience with ROS1 and ROS2 in an Automotive Environment.

We worked on the ROS-based Augmented Reality HUD system for WayRay. (Demonstration: AR head-up display on public roads? Real cars, real holography by WayRay - YouTube)

We were involved in a number of key projects, including:

  • rebuilt the rendering engine and most visualizations using the Godot Engine
  • created a VR Simulator based on Carla ( and ROS integrations
  • created high-level SDK based on ROS2 (OMG IDL, code generation in 4 languages)
  • built a mixed ROS1 / ROS2 system using Docker and Android
  • enhanced ROS1 to work over NAT network connections using integrated SOCKS protocol support
  • worked with most major ROS2 backends (Fast DDS, CycloneDDS, Iceoryx, Zenoh)
  • built a Mobile Gateway with Zenoh (My presentation at the Zenoh Summit: Mobile Gateways for ROS2 Systems with Zenoh - YouTube)
  • we worked with ROS using the following languages C++, Python, Java (with some fixes from us), Rust (some Zenoh prototyping) and Lua (our own bindings)

We are looking for short-term consulting and long-term contracting opportunities as well. Usually, we work as integrated remote team members in our customers’ teams.

Kind regards,
Gergely Kis (
Lead Engineer and CTO
Migeran - Reliable Software Engineering

Your team’s skill set looks relevant to my team’s work and we are trying to do near term staff augmentation at the moment. I will reach out directly.