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ROS Java & Mind Storm



I’m complete new with ROS, but I’m searching the possibility to use ROS to control a Lego Mindstorm.
I’ using an artificial intelligence framework which is written in Java 8 and we would like to combine it with ROS Java to control a Lego Mindstorm robot. I have taken a look to the Mindstorm ROS component ( and the ROS Java / Kinetic (

My question is, is it possible to combine these two packages and use for example a Maven build workflow only with Java 8? In my case I would like to call from the Maven build the Python components for deploying to the Mindstorm.

Hope for any feedback, thanks a lot


There is a board/case, Dexter Industries BrickPi3 which allows a Raspberry Pi 3 to work with Lego Mindstorms. This doesn’t include any Lego parts, just the case, the RP3, and other things to get this to work. The interface board included with this allows Lego motors and sensors to be used.

I know that ROS will work on the RP3. It isn’t the best platform for it, but it does work.



The Dexter Brick is a great idea. The main constaint of the work is, that I need to use Java 8 and I would like to use ROS for getting access to the accelerators & sensors. Is there another possibility for the hardware? At the moment it should be a testing project


The BrickPi allows full access to the Mindstorms sensors and motors. It is available on the Dexter Industries GitHub. It does use Pi4J to have access to the GPIO pins needed. This runs under Java 7, but there is a lot of information on Google to get it running under Java 8.