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Who’s interested in making ROS2 accessible for kids and teens in a somewhat friendly LEGO MINDSTORMS tutorial?


I would be interested, what do you have in mind ?

I would like to join in !!!

The basic idea is that kids learn the most while playing. So I was thinking: can we make a ROS setup, with a mindstorms robot, that kids can install, run and tweak. I think these elements will be important:

  • During the installation/setup you learn some basic ROS concepts
  • The project is cool enough for kids to really want to try it (a mapping project? a maze? a swarm?)

I want to do this lean and mean.

  1. brainstorm with you guys for an interesting project
  2. test with kids if they are interested
  3. build a ‘rough’ project
  4. Explain the basics to kids and test if they manage to tweak it
  5. Make the whole package with installation and building instructions.

I personally have no ROS experience, but I do have a lot of robot and MINDSTORMS experience, python, linux, macos,… and I can do building instructions.

What do you think?


Thanks for bringing this up @antonvh, certainly an interesting project!. I’d recommend you to look at which can simplify the process of putting the first pieces of code together. This may be specially relevant if you aim to target kids.

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Robot_blockly looks good starting point. Thanks for bringing up @vmayoral. I would like to suggest that we can also into Snap and Scratch for more inspiration :slight_smile: .