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ROS News This Week

Hi Everyone,

This week I tried something a bit different. As I was moderating ROS Discourse and Twitter accounts I kept a running markdown file of all of the interesting robotics related stuff I saw. I don’t have time to thoroughly review and write about everything, but I figured that at least summarizing the week would be helpful for the community.

Feel free to post your own finds in the comments below and engage in shameless self promotion of your projects. :robot:

ROS news for the week of 5/4/2020

ROS Projects and Releases

Legged Robotics


COVID-19 Response

SLAM / Perception Goodies



Navigation2 Slack: Please introduce yourself on the on-boarding channel with your interests, goals, etc! All are welcome.


You also have to take a video of yourself saying “NavStack Slack” five times fast.


Ask and ye shall receive. And I’ll raise you an infinite loop.

Repping my PickNik shirt from @mlautman, gave me the shirt right off his back. What a guy.

Edit: I’m really hoping this doesn’t reappear anywhere in the future…


I built an Open Source Mars Rover that runs on ROS:
Looking for more folks to build one too!


He just won’t stop talking!

Is that something new? :wink:

Thanks @Katherine_Scott for this weekly news update! I hope to see more of this in the future!

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Hey, I’ve been working on a ROS2 port of Kimera-VIO. More help is always welcome:

You can checkout the in current PR for more progress info:

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