ROS Study Group- Beginner

Hii all !
I am a beginner to the ROS framework. I’ve started on with “Hello Real World” course at EdX, but due to lack practitioners in this field in my college and locality I thought of creating a study group thereby inviting anyone who is learning ROS to join the group. We shall have scheduled meetups on platform like Zoom and discuss the course contents and clarify out doubts and this thread will be dedicated to discuss about ROS, asking questions and working together.

Anyone who is willing to join this study group kindly put a word below.

Cheers :wink:


Hi Ajay,

Please count me in.
I have been a ROS user since ROS Fuerte in 2012.
After being away for sometime, now I am back in the ROS.
I would be happy to help your group ramp up!


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This is a good idea, I might be able to help out and discuss.

You might want to spin up a slack / discord / gitter

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I am in for it @Ajaykumaar_S

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Sure @Ajaykumaar_S , Even I completed 5 weeks of that course recently and have tonn of doubts :slight_smile:

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Hii, @Robo_Sherpa
Thanks for joining, it’s great to have an experienced person guide us !

Hii @vinnnyr, Thanks for joining. Sure

Hii, thanks for joining @arjunsahd

Hii @Atreya_Bhat,
Yeah, the discussion forum there is also down now and I couldn’t move on with the lingering doubts.
Let’s get them sorted :wink:

yeah and I actually tried contacting Dr.Bharateesha, but couldnt, He doesnt work at Delft anymore

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Any discord link? And then schedule video chats from there?
I’m also interested in getting up to speed with ROS

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Hi @Ajaykumaar_S

Nice idea! :smiley:
Please count me in.

Happy learning for all the members.

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Hii @Jason_Head,
Yeah sure, I’ll create a discord or slack ASAP and we shall schedule video chats :smiley:

Welcome @Robotawi, Thanks for joining :smiley:

I would suggest creating a Matrix room with Riot
Riot is essentially an open source, end to end encrypted, and decentralized alternative of Discord built on the Matrix network. Take a look at it if you want open source!

Something really powerful with Matrix are bridges so that you can have Discord and Slack and Matrix users all talking in the same room/channel. See:
Matrix rooms even connect off the bat with gitter.


I couldn’t see from the EdX site, but is this for ROS2 or ROS1?


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Hi, here is the link to that course

it’s ROS2 and the video lectures are recorded as using ROS Kinetic but the downloads and code instructions are in Melodic.

Hi Ajay,

FYI Melodic & Kinetic are ROS1. Anyway that answers my question. Thank you.

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Ooops :sweat_smile: alright

Hii, thanks for the tip.