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Wat we can do here

Hi guys!
this grp has been inactive for a while…share any interesting activity suggestions

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Suggest Ideas,This group has been inactive for quite some time now!!

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Why doesn’t everyone share what projects they have been working on during the times of lockdown?

I recently attended an online training session organized by ( It was a week long ROS1 training conducted on Google Meet. On the day of navigation, the participants from different parts of Europe created a map and also navigated remotely. It was pretty cool to watch!

Personally I have been trying to make the action_bridge part of ros1_bridge. You can find my original repo here and the PR is here: (it is still a work in progress as you can see).

Lastly at Fraunhofer IPA we are in process of moving our trainings online which will happen in July:

Let me know if you have questions! And keep the group alive!


I started ROS this lockdown, will go through your code !!

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@arjunsahd which tutorials are you following? And would you like to use ROS for your university project? Having a project in mind would certainly help, because it is a very vast topic! You can come up with some mini projects which will help you understand specific topics.

@ipa-hsd I am learning from the official documentation. Till now I know how to make servers and clients. Yup I would like to have ROS for my university project. I am in 3rd year rn. Do you have any recommendations?

Make sure you watch next Monday May 18 & May 25

Lecture 2 | ROS 2 101 & Lecture 3 | ROS 2 Tooling

Led by Katherine Scott / @Katherine_Scott Duration: 60-90min